Supplements Feeding Calculator

Supplement Feeding Calculator Charts

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Step 1 Enter amount of water for mixing nutrients (reservoir size): Gallons Liters
Step 2 Choose your measurement type
Weight/Volume Measure EC/PPM Meter Measure
Grams EC
Included Scoop to Line (20ml) PPM 500 scale
Included Scoop to Full (25ml) PPM 700 scale
Cups(1 Cup = 237ml)
Optional Fertilizer Injector Ratio: % Solution

Vegetative/Grow Phase

Measurement TypeVeg 1 - Seedling/Small PlantsVeg 2 - Normal Veg
Sea-K Kelp Extract

CalMag Pro
Use as needed

Sweet Candy

Bud Explosion PK

Bloom/Flower/Budding Phase

Measurement TypeBloom/Flower Week 1-3 Bloom/Flower Week 4-Harvest
Sea-K Kelp Extract

CalMag Pro
Use as needed

Sweet Candy

Bud Explosion PK

*EC is additive, so you measure your base water EC then add in the suggested amount.  For each supplement you are using you can add up the values.
For example: Base water EC .2, suggested dosage is 1.1, then final level will be 1.1 + .2 = 1.3

EC/PPM conversion for different meter types
1 ms/cm (EC 1.0 or CF 10) = 500 ppm
European 1 ms/cm (EC 1.0 or CF 10) = 640 ppm
Australian 1 ms/cm (EC 1.0 or CF 10) = 700 ppm

1 US Teaspoon (4.9ml) = 6 grams MEGA CROP

How to Dial In Feeding For Optimal Results

The Feeding Calculator is used as a general starting point for finding the right amount of nutrients to use.  Depending on your setup, you may benefit from using more, or less than the suggestion.  After running MEGA CROP for a few weeks you can begin to “dial-in” your feeding program, ie: modify it to achieve maximum harvest/results and have the healthiest plants!

Step 1 – Dialing In Nitrogen levels through MEGA CROP dosage by monitor your plants coloring:

  • Pay close attention to the green coloring of your plants leaves.  Nitrogen levels in MEGA CROP are strongly related to how green your plants leaves will appear
  • If your plant leaves are light green or yellow, then increase your dosage of MEGA CROP to boost Nitrogen levels and increase green color
  • If your plant leaves are too dark green and/or have burned tips, then scale back your MEGA CROP dosage to reduce the nitrogen.
  • Your goal is to have the plants coloring to be a strong healthy green without burning, and you control this by increasing or decreasing the MEGA CROP dosage.  If you are a new grower and not sure what color your plants should be at, browse the internet for pictures of healthy plants of your same type.  You should make dosage changes for the first time in small amounts, for example changes of 10-20% increase or decrease only, and then waiting 2-3 weeks to monitor plant response after each change.  Since the plant has to take time to uptake nutrients and process them, it may take 2-3 weeks to notice the results of the changes you made.

Step 2 – Dialing in your PK boost levels during bloom for maximum yields and resins:

  • Once your have achieved proper base nutrient dosage through regulating Nitrogen, then during flowering/blooming phase you can optionally add in PK booster to increase harvest.
  • PK Boosters like Bud Explosion have high amounts of P and K, and 0 (N)itrogen, so you can add them in during flowering without risking changing your plants Nitrogen levels
  • This may take some time, but you can continually increase PK boosters over several harvests to monitor for increase weight and quality.  As long as you do not notice plant damage from increasing the dosage, you can experiment by increasing the dosage, and monitoring the final end results/yields.
  • Eventually you will find the dose that maximizes your results/yields, where adding more will not give additional benefit (saturation point).