Instagram Influencers

Like MEGA CROP and Using Instagram?

Post and Save!  Sharing photos on Instagram is an effective way for us to show the great results from MEGA CROP and boost views to your page.  We want to help our customers who use MEGA CROP and post on Instagram so we have introduced an Instagram Influencer program. The program is designed for people who already use MEGA CROP as their preferred nutrient and have active grow centered Instagram pages, and benefits include deep discounts and free products for participants.  Here is how!

  1. Make a new post on Instagram
  2. Select “Tag people
  3. Select “Invite collaborators” and select us @greenleafnutrients!


  1. Program is for growers on Instagram who are already using MEGA CROP plant nutrients and post their own grow photos
  2. Tag us in your grows and add Collaborator!
  3. Can optionally tag #megacrop and/or #greenleafnutrients

Current Discount Level

Must be semi-active posting to maintain membership discount!
Post Interaction Level (likes/views)Discount Level
Normal users30%
High engagement/commercial accounts? email us to discuss

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    How To Use Discount

    Step 1. Make sure you are logged in with your associated account e-Mail
    Step 2. Goto CART checkout page, and click on the coupon discount shown