Bud Explosion PK Booster

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Maximize flowering sites and budding nodes for initial weeks of flowering. More flower sites means bigger harvest and improved overall yields. Mid to late harvest used a potent blooming/budding enhancer.

  • New updated formula NPK 0-34-34 + Magnesium (updated 6/13/2021).  Still using old bag 0-26-37 minimum analysis.  Higher P/K ratio allows for higher performance and concentration.
  • Denser, larger and heavier flowers
  • More terpenoids, essential oils, aromatics, phenols and other potency factors
  • Promotes flowering sites, and and increased harvest weight

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400g, 1000g, 4.4lb, 6.6lb, 3500g, 25lb (11.3kg), 15kg bulk bag (33lbs), Half-pallet 44 bags (500kg), Full-pallet 88 bags (1000kg)

7 reviews for Bud Explosion PK Booster

  1. chris morer

    Super concentrated and effective

  2. Vark83


    Loved my record grow with mega crop version 1 and bud explosion, thank you GLN for getting an eu warehouse for lower shipping. 🙂 Will be trying out dwc soon and are thinking about going mc, be, sc and some kelp extract from GLN. What do you guys advice for ph down and up with your lines?

  3. carlosmartinez7985 (verified owner)

    PK BB is amazing! MEGACROP
    Is all I used for my first 3 grows. I learned a lot about growing in that time, but on my
    4th grow I wanted to learn more. I can’t say I wanted a better outcome because I was
    Extremely happy with my first 3 harvest thinking they were the best I could grow thanks to MC, so I thought! I started using Bud Explosion and sweet Candy. My Ladies are banging! Took my game to a new level. Best evidence I can give a new grower is learn how to read your plants, they’ll tell you everything they need and want. Now I’m going to end my review with saying NO ONE has paid me or given me anything for free. I write this review on my own time and dime.

  4. FN

    When added to Mega Crop at the first sign of bud sites coming on at 1 gram a gallon I get mind blowing results. The best I have ever had iy growing career

  5. Dw

    Delivery was hands down one of the fastest that I’ve ever received,so far so good

  6. virginia mary mcsweeney

    Have tried so many growing nutrients, uggg. I found MegaCrop/BudExplsion about a year ago and I WILL NEVER grow with anything else. The ease, the outcome…..OUTSTANDING!!

  7. Dave Martin (verified owner)

    Been very happy with megacrop one part in DWC, and can’t wait to add bud explosion, package arrived quick and would highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy, complete, good quality nute line.

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