Which crops or plants can MEGA CROP be used on?

MEGA CROP can be used as a standalone complete feeding fertilizer and nutrient all crops or plants.  It has special forms of nutrients, and complete selection of nutrients, which allows maximum absorption for all plant types, while preventing burning or overfeeding problems, allowing it to work universally.


The formula was designed specially for fruiting and flowering plants, Tomatoes, Peppers, Strawberries, food crops and ornamentals.  The important factor is getting proper dosing strength/ppm for your crop.  Leafy green crops, which normally need higher nitrogen ratios, can be used with MEGA CROP by running higher ppm/dose than normal to supply the extra nitrogen, or by also supplementing a separate nitrogen product (such as Cal-Mag or Calcium Nitrate).

How do I store the product?

MEGA CROP storage should be done by completely sealing your bag or container after use.  Keeping air away from the powder will help it retain its powder form for as long as possible.  If you are using the 9.9kg bags, then you can seal up between use by folding the bag and using some type of clip to keep it closed.  All fertilizer products in general should be stored in cool, dry locations as much as possible.  If there is humidity or heat that is causing MEGA CROP to absorb moisture and lose form, you can also store in a bucket with sealed lid to help keep out air.

The package should be stored out of direct sunlight or heat.  Too much sunlight, heat, or exposure to air will cause the formula gain moisture and become clumpy or watery.  The formula still behaves the same, chemically it does not change, and it is designed to be water soluble.


If the product you have has clumps or hard spots, you can use normal dosage by weight or EC and dissolve in water.  Dissolving in water should take place fully from 5-30 minutes.

Is MEGA CROP Organic?

The short answer is no.  At Greenleaf Nutrients, we focus on making the highest quality nutrients and fertilizers possible, which is not possible using outdated and arbitrary OMRI standards.

MEGA CROP and our fertilizer products  are Vegan fertilizers, and Organic compatible because they benefit the soil, but do not official have Organic (OMRI) certification.  Our fertilizers meet or exceed the same or higher standards as Organic fertilizers as far as toxins, heavy metals, and other contaminants and pollutants.  Our products are compatible with organic growing methods because they benefit the soil conditions and living microbes, do not contain any pesticides/toxin and do not harm the microbiology.

“Organic”  fertilizers refers to a certification done by the private company OMRI, which will give OMRI Listed® certification once paid the appropriate fees ($$) and requirements are met.  It is of our opinion the “OMRI” certification for fertilizer products is outdated and arbitrary, and doesn’t serve or convey any useful metric.  In many cases OMRI has lower or forces lower standards for ingredients, because they rely on animal products which can accumulate toxins from the environment at a high rate, and are less effective.  OMRI was created without understanding the concept of newer hydroponic growing in mind, in which nutrients and fertilizers generally are the highest possibly qualify.    For example, our Seaweed Kelp extract products are the highest quality in the industry, using low temperature enzymatic extraction, and come from the ocean as “organic molecules,” however are not considered “Organic” by OMRI because the processing facility did not pay the fees to them.

Our fertilizers have several advantages over Organic fertilizers.

  • Not sourced from animals, so no risk of antibiotics, antibiotic resistant bacteria, pharmaceuticals, hormones or pathogens, or heavy metal accumulation that are associated with animal based products
  • Far more water soluble and available to the plants, for better absorption, quicker and complete uptake by the plants, and far lower amounts required (thus requiring less shipping)
  • Lower environmental impact because of higher efficiency
  • Not supporting the animal agriculture industry which involves cruelty and some people may find not ethical

What other supplement or product types should I run with MEGA CROP?

Nothing!  Since it is a true complete formula, you do not need any other products to get the best results possible.  You may want to add some pH adjuster to make sure the nutrient solution being delivered to the plants is between 5.5-6.5 pH for best absorption, this depends on your water supply and is unique to each individual farm.


Advanced growers can add in a PK booster during flowering phase, such as Bud Explosion, to ensure you are getting the maximum bloom potential.

My bag label gives some numbers, but the website NPK info gives different numbers for % contents. Why is this?

The physical bag numbers for guaranteed analysis % represent a minimum guaranteed analysis for nutrient contents.  This is a state/legal requirement for guaranteed analysis such that the actual content cannot be below the bag label.  However, often times the actual content may be a lot higher than the bag label, and on our website will show the most exact numbers as far as % content.

Also we often change our formulas, but keep the same previous bags for convenience.  So as long as the bag has the minimum amount still valid on the bags, we will reuse the same bags to avoid expensive costs of reprinting new ones, and wasting old ones.

If I have clumps in my bag, can I still use it?

Yes, sometimes moisture will enter from outside of the bag/container, and clumps or lumps can form of MEGA CROP.  You can still use this as normal, it does not effect the use or performance!  Just use the normal dosage and the clumps will all dissolve in water eventually (usually 5-10 minutes).

What are the NPK and ingredients in MEGA CROP?

See sheet here with most of the product info:

I am used to using 8 different products as part of my current feeding plan. Are you sure you do not have any extra products that I need?

Yes, we are sure, you do not need anything else!  If you feel like you need to add some extra product, you can just increase the dosage with MEGA CROP, since it already has everything in it.


Advanced growers can add in a PK booster during flowering phase, such as Bud Explosion, to ensure you are getting the maximum bloom potential.


If you do not use MEGA CROP as a base nutrient (why not?!), then we do offer a few supplements from our old product line that we will have available for purchase so you can save money by not using other brands.


Also, a few products cannot be mixed in with MEGA CROP during our manufacturing process, for example Sweet Candy has high amounts of carbohydrates/sugars, so it is best to leave it as a standalone product.    As a separate product, Sweet Candy and MEGA CROP work together fine and can be mixed.

Do I need extra CalMag if I grow in Coco?

Most growers will not need extra CalMag even when growing in Coco.  Depending on the brand of coco, strains, lighting intensity, a few growers may need to use either a higher dosage of MEGA CROP, or supplement with an extra CalMag supplement.  So you might have to experiment a bit with your own grow to find out if you need extra supplement.

How do I use the product, do you have a Feeding Chart or instructions?

Yes, we have a custom feeding chart link at the top of the page, or can be visited here.  It can help to determine dosage amounts and how to use.

How can you use the same formula for both Veg and Flowering phase?

Cannabis and Hemp Veg and Flowering nutrient requirements are different, yet fairly similar.  Usually, a dedicated “veg” formula will have slightly more Nitrogen, and less Potassium, while similarly a “bloom” formula will have less Nitrogen, and more Potassium.


MEGA CROP uses a universal formula that can be used for the entire plant life, we accomplish this in a few ways.

  1. Plants take up what they need, so during different phases of growth, the plant will search for what it needs and uptake it from the soil or nutrient solution.  As long as you are providing in sufficient quantities, the plant will have optimum growth uninterrupted.  This is the same concept that organic outdoor growers will use to get fantastic results, at the beginning of the season they do their “soil mix” which has everything that the plant will need for its whole life-cycle, from start to finish.  Through the plants life, it takes what it needs from the soil mix, and as long as everything is in sufficient quantities, it will have optimum growth.
  2. We use extremely high quality and low Ammonium type nitrogen ingredient sources, this reduces the possibility of “overfeeding toxicity” that you would get from normal hydroponic fertilizers using too much nitrogen, even at higher doses.  So, having extra nitrogen beyond what the plant needs will not harm it.
  3. The Feeding Schedule calls for increased dosage for different parts of the plants life.  By following the feeding schedule, the plants will always have what they need ready.  During each phase, there will be slight excess of nutrients that the plant doesn’t need as much of, however this will stay in the soil and be available in later phases.

What benefits do amino-acid chelates have?

Amino acid chelates are a great source of micronutrients (iron, copper, etc…) for your plants!  They are absorbed much faster and more efficiently compared to just plain micronutrients, and also provide secondary benefits beyond just the micronutrient benefits.  Also,  EDTA chelates can be a persistent soil pollutant, and will eventually leech to ground water or runoff water supplies.  Plants benefit from amino acid chelates compared with EDTA by having higher uptake rates, and also from the amino acids themselves which the plant can use naturally to promote its growth and flowering process.

I think I received the wrong size bag, since the label says so?

All the products use the same bag type, no matter which size you order.  The correct size is sent out based on what you ordered even if the label doesn’t say anything, or say otherwise.  If you really are confused or thing there is a mistake, please weigh the bag or contact us and we can help.

MEGA CROP sizes below 10kg will all use the 750g bag label, no matter if you order the 1000g or 2500g size.  Note: We do not make a 750g size.
CalMag Pro will use 250g size bag for all sizes.

I live internationally outside of the USA. What is the best way to order to lower shipping costs?

Greenleaf Nutrients now has several international distribution centers, making it easier for people to get the products quickly, and without worry about customs or duties.   For Canada residents, please use our Canada Website here.  For UK/EU residents, please use our EU/UK portal here (note, currently only supports Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden).

For all other regions, ordering from our main USA site is the best option, and orders will be shipped quickly internationally.  Ordering the 21.7lb bag will give you the best shipping rate.  Although it may seem a bit expensive, at most it is about $2.80 / lb for shipping to Europe or abroad.  Considering that a 21.7lb bag can make over 2000 Gallons, it really goes a long way for the cost.

Are the products tested for safety and quality with toxins and heavy metals?

Yes, our products have extremely high quality testing standards and exceed standards for growing plants fit for human consumption.  MEGA CROP is tested a minimum of 3 times for heavy metal screening.

  1. Before sourcing the individual ingredients that make up the product
  2. In house testing after completion of final batch
  3. External 3rd party independent testing of final batch

Testing for Arsenic, Cadmium, Cobalt, Copper, Molybdenum, Nickel, Lead, Selenium, Mercury and more are standard.  Products exceed organic level certification requirements.