Product Comparison

Brand Product Comparison
  • Product Name
  • Cannabis compatible NPK
    Having a nutrient be Cannabis compatible simple means the NPK ratio meets minimum demand by the plant. Usually a ratio between 2-1-3 and 3-1-2 would be considered suitable. The same ratio can also be used for many crops, including tomatoes, strawberries, etc...
  • 19:1 Nitrate:Ammonium ratio
    Nitrate (NO3-) versus ammonium (NH4+) and Urea. Having high Nitrate:Ammonium ratio in the nutrient formula is the preferred nitrogen type, compared to ammonium or urea. If your plants are grown in hydroponics, it is a basic essential that ratio is high to prevent toxicity and maximize absorbtion. Nitrate is Non-Volatile and most mobile in the soil with highest efficiency plant uptake. They promote the uptake of cations, such as K, Ca and Mg, are readily absorbed by the plant and do not need to undergo any further conversion, as is the case with urea and ammonium. Also no acidification, limits the uptake of harmful elements, and hiighest conversion of nitrates to amino acids occurs in the leaf.
  • Over 2% Soluble Magnesium
    Magnesium is an essential plant nutrient. It has a wide range of key roles in many plant functions. One of the magnesiums well-known roles is in the photosynthesis process, as it is a building block of the Chlorophyll, which makes leaves appear green. Having enough Magnesium means you do not need to purchase extra products to boost levels later, and also it can work even in tough mediums like Coco-Coir.
  • Over 1% Soluble Sulfur
    Sulfur is a vital nutrient in the plant, and is responsible for aromatics, resins and oils. Having over 1% ensures it will be suitable for any crop.
  • Complete Chelated Trace Elements
  • Amino Acid Chelated Trace Element
    Amino Acid Chelated nutrients provide obtimum absorbtion of metals for the plant, and provide other health benefits as well, while avoiding toxicity from EDTA chelates.
  • One Part Easy-Mix Formula
    Having the complete formula in 1 part helps make fertilizer very simple and reduces errors due to wrong mixing ratios of different products as such with 2 part formulas
  • Universal Veg and Bloom formula
    Being able to use the same formula, with just different feeding amounts for different stages of growth greatly reduces the number of products needed to buy, and simplifies fertilization for the whole life of the plant.
  • Feeding Schedule calls for other products to use
    Some products are sold as parts to complicated feeding schedules, requiring the purchase of other products to have a complete suggested grow.
  • 18 L-Amino Acids
    L-Grade Amino Acids provide numerous health benefits and naturally stimulating qualitifes for the plant to boost growth and improve soil.
  • Dry/Powder Formula
    Makes transportation much easier and less expensive.
  • Soluble Silica
    Silica improves plant growth and structure, most companies sell this as an extra separate product to purchase
  • B-Vitamins
    Can possibly help with plant stress and health
  • Chitosan Oligosaccharide
    High end plant booster that most companies will sell as a separate product
  • Ascophyllum Nodosum Kelp Extract
    High end plant booster that most companies will sell as a separate product
  • Enzymes/Cellulase
    Enzymes and Cellulase help improve the soil condition, break down and convert dead materials and roots into available nutrients.
  • Connoisseur
  • Has Urea Nitrogen added
  • 2 part A + B formulas
  • Separate Veg and Bloom formulas
  • Suggested Feeding Schedule calls for 4-13 additional products
  • Jacks Professional 5-12-26 / MASTERBLEND 4-18-38
  • Formula when added with additional Calcium Nitrate product as directed will be suitable
  • Together with Calcium Nitrate can be used to make universal formula for Grow + Veg
  • MaxiGro and MaxiBloom
  • Added Ammonium Nitrate
  • Only has chelated Iron
  • Separate Veg and Bloom products
  • Calls for 8 additional products
  • Aqua Flakes
  • Added Ammonium Nitrate
  • 2 part formula A+B
  • Calls for 11 additional products
  • GROW and BLOOM
  • Added Ammonium Nitrate, 4:1 ratio BLOOM 2:1 ratio GROW
  • separate GROW and BLOOM
  • Calls for 3 additional products