New Mega Crop One Part update!

Starting around May 6, 2020 (first half of May from USA and Canada sites), we are releasing a new updated formula of our original Mega Crop 1 part fertilizer. UK/EU formula will not get updates stock until later in 2020. Notable changes are described here:

  • More fine and ground powder consistency. We are grinding the “large white balls” that were present in the previous versions, which help make it more of a uniform type powder. For smaller growers especially, this will help them get a uniform even dose at low doses very easy.
  • Higher Magnesium (Mg) and Calcium (Ca). Yes, this was always a common request, and this should help prevent the requirement for any extra supplements especially for heavy feeding strains and growing conditions
  • Higher Phosphorous (P). This will help reduce the need for any extra boosters or supplements, and give overall better flowering and fruiting.
  • Lower Potassium (K). Our previous formulas always had quite a bit of K, so we are slightly reducing it in order to make room for other benefits above
  • Different form of Kelp extract (Ascophyllum Nodosum). We are including black flake type kelp which is higher quality, and increasing the quantities significantly. So there should be overall more kelp benefits from the updated formula.