About solubility of Mega Crop and CalMag

Calcium and Magnesium and Sulfur

Starting with Mega Crop v2, we started to add some extra Magnesium Sulfate to boost Magnesium (Mg) levels (one of the main complaints from the first version of Mega Crop was Mg issues). Boosting Mg bring in an extra problem of adding more Sulfur (S) into the solution, as most people familiar with Hydroponics growing will know that Calcium and Sulfur react at high concentrations to form a white crystal precipitate.

A similar situation is found with the CalMag product. In order to get very high Magnesium levels, without raising Nitrogen so high, you will have to use again Magnesium Sulfate. We currently have a few different formulas of CalMag. The original CalMag contained little Magnesium Sulfate, so there was 0 noticeable precipitate even at high concentrations mixing (liquid concentrates or injector concentrates). Later we boosted the formula to have even much higher Magnesium and boosted the Magnesium Sulfate levels, however now in this case, the precipitate problem is more pronounced at high concentrations.


Both of the above formulas, with using normal dosage to plants (at normal concentrations), can be used fairly normally with near 100% availability of nutrients. If there are small amounts of white precipitates immediately after mixing, after 12-24 hours it will have dissolved completely. Also, during the initial mixing , if you slowly mix and gradually stir in, there is less likelihood of precipitate forming. Again, even if there is, eventually it will be dissolved fully into water or media after several hours. It becomes more of a problem when mixing at high concentrations for injector use, since a larger % of the precipitate will be present in the water and potentially causing clogging of equipment. Note, even with the higher % of precipitate when mixing at a high concentrate, once the liquid solution is eventually diluted into normal feeding conditions to the plant, since the concentrations are low they will eventually fully dissolve within 12-24 hours as mentioned.

So, right now the only group really harmed by the solubility issues mentioned above are fertilizer injector users. That is why we plan to release a Mega Crop 2-Part formula in 2020, which would solve this problem and allow fertilizer injector users to run at extremely high concentrations 100x + without precipitation or solubility issues. As for the CalMag issue, we want to have a CalMag with lower N and higher Mg, since most of the issues people purchase the product for are Mg related. We have a few different options available now, including the option to even release a new pure Magnesium (Mg) product standalone.