Mega Crop 2 Part B 15.5-0-0 Hydroponic Professional


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Mega Crop 2 Part is a 2 part nutrient system that is suitable for Hydroponics, Fertilizer Injectors and Soil.  Using the 2 part system of Part A 5-12-26 and Part B 15.5-0-0 almost any nutrient combination can be made for all stages of a plants life, suitable and customizable for any crop type as well!  Mega Crop 2 Part does not require extra additional Magnesium, and is superior to other brand 5-12-26 Hydroponics products because it includes additionally Soluble Silica, Amino Acids and Amino Acid Chelates!  It can be used identically to other 5-12-26 nutrient formulas dosage wise.

  • Highly soluble and customizable for any crop type or growing setup, including concentrated Fertilizer Injector setups.
  • Complete formula including all macro, secondary and micro-nutrients, using only ingredients and chelates immediately and fully available to the plant.
  • Includes bonus soluble Silica and Amino Acids other brands do not have

As a standalone product, this can be used as a potent Calcium booster (19% Ca) and also Nitrogen booster.

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