MEGA CROP Feeding Chart

Step 1 Enter amount/size of water for mixing nutrients (reservoir size):
Step 2 Choose your water measurement Gallons Liters
Step 3 Fertilizer Injector ratio (leave at 0 if not used) : % Solution

Vegetative/Grow Phase

Fertilizer AmountVeg 1 - Seedling/Small PlantsVeg 2 - Normal VegVeg 3 - Extended Veg (large plants)

1 Cup = 237ml

EC Meter*.551.111.25

Bloom/Flower/Budding Phase

Fertilizer AmountBloom/Flower Week 1-2Bloom/Flower Week 3-4Bloom/Flower Week 5-6Bloom/Flower Week 7-8Flush/Final Week

1 Cup = 237ml

EC Meter*1.391.531.671.670
PK Boost (Optional)**


This section will give actual elemental PPM (Parts Per Million). This will be different from your meter PPM/EC/TDS which is measuring Electrical Conductivity, so do not use it as a PPM meter guideline!  For PPM/EC meter instructions, use “Normal Feeding Chart” tab and look for EC Meter section.  PPM meter conversion is available at the bottom of the page.

Step 1 Enter amount/size of water for mixing nutrients (reservoir size:)
Step 2 Choose your water measurement Gallons Liters
Step 3 Enter grams of nutrients used:

ElementPPM calculation
Total Nitrogen (N)

Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-)

Ammonical Nitrogen (NH4+)

Phosphorous (P)

Potassium (K)

Magnesium (Mg)

Calcium (Ca)

Sulfur (S)

Iron (Fe)

Zinc (Zn)

Boron (B)

Manganese (Mn)

Copper (Cu)

Molybdenum (Mo)

Silicon (Si)

Total PPM
The Feeding Calculator is used as a general starting point for finding the right amount of nutrients to use.  Depending on your setup, you may benefit from using more, or less than the suggestion.  A good idea is to keep a close eye on your plants with visual inspection:

  1. If the plant is responding very healthy, with good color leaves and growth, then the dosage is fine.
  2. If the plant is more pale green color, with lower growth, you could consider increasing the dosage.
  3. If the plant is overly dark green, or showing signs of tip burn or tips turned downwards, you can consider to lowering the dose.

*EC is additive, so you measure your base water EC then add in the suggested amount.
For example: Base water EC .2, suggested dosage is 1.1, then final level will be 1.1 + .2 = 1.3

EC/PPM conversion for different meter types
1 ms/cm (EC 1.0 or CF 10) = 500 ppm
European 1 ms/cm (EC 1.0 or CF 10) = 640 ppm
Australian 1 ms/cm (EC 1.0 or CF 10) = 700 ppm

1 US Teaspoon (4.9ml) = 6 grams MEGA CROP


**PK Boost option is a way for advanced growers to boost blooming performance