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Mega Crop 1-Part 400g free
Base nutrient for Hydroponics and Soil
Complete NPK/Macro/Micros with
Organics, Silica, Chitosan, Kelp, Amino Acids,
Fulvics, Humics and more

Mega Crop 2-Part A+B 400g + 400g
2-Part Base nutrient for Hydroponics and Soil
Perfect solubility for high concentration feeding
Complete NPK/Macro/Micros
Customizable 2 Parts for different stages and crops
Includes Soluble Kelp

Bud Explosion Bloom Booster 400g
PK Booster for Hydroponics and Soil
Optimized ratios for weight, potency and terpenes
Highly concentrated for value
Includes soluble Magnesium (Mg)

Sea-K Soluble Kelp Extract 200g
100% water soluble enzymolysis fermentation extraction
High Alginic Acid content, Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), GA3 and Mannitol
Use for soil improvement, root feeding and foliar use
Rich in polysaccharides, cytokins, purines, vitamins and enzymes